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Conversion Rate Optimization

The Heart And Soul of Our Capabilities

Attracting more people to your site is certainly an important goal, but converting those clicks into sales is absolutely more important than any traffic generation strategy. Our PPC experts will show you exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Whether you’re looking for more subscribers, ecommerce transactions, leads, phone calls or ticket (coupon) purchases, our PPC experts will increase your conversion rate.

Conversion Optimization That Helps You Grow


How We Optimize Your Conversion Rate

We implement a testing framework and optimization schedule using the Funnel Science process. This means creating a cross channel marketing strategy ensuring the best customer experience throughout your sales funnel. This is known as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and it includes:

Optimizing Keywords

On average, 97% of your keywords will not bring website traffic that turns into a paying customer. That means only 3% of your keywords will bring you sales! If you do not prove which keywords will produce sales, you will waste a tremendous amount of your budget on irrelevant traffic.

Optimizing Ads

As we split test and prove which of your keywords are the 3% that brings you the best quality traffic, we then begin a/b testing your ads which further optimizes your conversion rate. Text ads, banners, video ads and retargeting – we optimize all of them through continuous a/b split testing.

Optimizing Landing Pages

Through rigorous landing page testing and analysis of your sales funnel, the Rainmakers process can help determine which colors, design, messaging and landing page choices will bring the maximum amount of revenue and ROI to your business. If you need us to design or just help your team craft the perfect landing page, we have PPC experts to help.

Current Performance

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