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Got Ripoffed by SEO Company

I have been in digital marketing for almost 16 years. As a Google Certified Partner, one of the most common phone calls I get are from businesses who decided to hire the cheapest agency/contractor/freelancer, and then got ripped off. If you have a AdWords, SEM, SEO project, and you have little to no knowledge on […]

How PPC Rainmakers Dramatically Increases Sales Leads

The business customer was getting less than 200 leads per month from her AdWords campaigns when she called the experts at PPC Rainmakers:   “I’m very frustrated. My PPC management agency spends a ton of my money every month on AdWords and never gets the results they promise. I want more sales leads”   “We love this kind […]

Google Home Services Ads Are Expanding Into More Areas

Home Contractors Join New Google PPC Advertising Roll-Out In June 2015, Google users in Southern California began seeing a new layout to their Search results. When they typed in a search for a local services contractor, such as plumbers, electricians and HVAC professionals, page one of their search results began to look something like   this. These […]

Does AdWords Work?
May New Order Goal

Are you asking the question “Does AdWords work?” If you are asking this question, it means that you do not know how powerful AdWords advertising is at growing companies. If you are in the U.S., then AdWords is the most powerful advertising tool to get customers. Facebook is awesome for B2C companies and sometimes B2b. […]

How to Create A Secure Password That Is Still Easy To Remember

Expert Gives Example Of A Secure Password That Employees Can Remember By Neil Farquharson   I love to study the follies of the human condition: how intelligent people sometimes do the silliest of things. For example, the police who searched the home of Adam Magee for a robber and, when finding no-one, declared the house […]

Google AdWords Expanded Text Ads (ETA) – Don’t Rush Too Fast

Sales Make Money – Clicks Cost Money Back in the Fall, Google announced the introduction of Expanded Text Ads (ETAs), almost doubling the number of text characters previously available to AdWords users. As illustrated above, we now have two fields of large text, up to 30 characters in length. Then below a homepage URL, we can […]

Pay-Per-Click PPC Advertising Continues to Evolve

  2016 Saw Major Changes In AdWords, Bing and Social Media Advertising The pay-per-click (PPC) industry seems to be changing all the time. Just last week we learned of Google AdWords’ addition of Automatic Call Extensions. In 2016 there were so many things happened that you may have missed some, so I’ve picked a few highlights. […]

Audience Lists Now Offered At AdWords Campaign Level

Up until now, applying audience lists such as those generated through remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) and Customer Match had to be done for every single ad group. For campaigns with many ad groups, the set-up has been very time consuming. Now, for December, AdWords has given users the ability to apply audience lists […]

Happy Thanksgiving From The PPC Rainmakers Team

  At Thanksgiving, we at Funnel Science and PPC Rainmakers give thanks for all our blessings. We are especially thankful for the confidence that our customers have in us year after year.   We hope that, like us, you will be able to spend this special time with the people most precious to you. To […]

Experts Escaping From AdWords and Bing Ads for a Few days

  PPC Expert Decompresses From PPC, SEO and Analytics Working at a technology company, we spend most of our time looking at screens and analyzing data. Away from our desks, we are constantly checking our messages and social. My brand manager Neil Farquharson tells me it’s nearly impossible to pry his children’s eyes away from […]