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Dan is a Google Certified Consultant and our Ecommerce Expert at PPC Rain Makers and the Business Intelligence  Analyst at Funnel Science.

Through a process of scientifically testing your brand, marketing, and website, Funnel Science is able to determine and predict the path that results in more sales.

I help deploy analytics, multi-variate testing and ecommerce PPC campaigns such as PLA (Product Listing Ads) and Google Shopping Campaigns.  We continuously test and analyze how your customers interact with your brand, respond to the marketing and interact with your website.

Through the Funnel Science process, we are able to scientifically improve your marketing and sales return on investment.

Military Experience:

Captain, Army National Guard
Information Technology Plans Officer

Building on my enterprise IT and diverse military communications experience, I worked with a cross functional team to plan all IT Infrastructure changes in Southern Iraq ensuring the Division Headquarters maintained constant Command and Control of the operational environment. While managing all IT projects impacting the US Consulate General Basrah, I became the technology requirements liaison between this US Consulate and the US Division South Headquarters.

Additionally, I audited the Communications plans for the Operation Lions Leap Exercise between the Joint-Military Forces of the US and Iraq.

Prior to deploying, I planned the transition of automation systems supporting the 36th Infantry Division from Austin, TX to its active wartime command in Basrah, Iraq.

Google Adwords: Fundamentals and Advanced Search | Being: Accredited Professional Certificate
Analytics Academy | YouTube Academy