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Specialization: I am the Adwords Manager for Business to Consumer Clients. As a Google AdWords Manager, I work extensively with clients looking to sell products or services or generate leads via the Internet using Google Adwords.



Unlike most companies that sell Google AdWords consulting, we at Funnel Science use Google Analytics and real time data to optimize Internet Marketing. On a day to day basis, I come to work and do checklists on all my clients to ensure their websites are running correctly. After that, I run reports to see which AdWords campaigns are performing and which ones need to be shut off for under-performance. After I run through the previous day’s data, it is time to start optimizing campaigns and driving consumers to my clients’ websites.

Optimization of campaigns and websites is the most important part of my job – because that is how I save my clients money and keep them happy. Our job at Funnel Science is to create value in the marketing for your company through scientific data – not blind awareness campaigns.

craig2Military Experience

As a Combat Engineer in the Marines, I dealt with mission-critical construction and project management. I also dealt with high explosives for breaching and demolition. I was promotes to Corporal at my 2-year mark and then promoted to Sergeant right before my 4-year mark. I was deployed to Iraq in 2008 as a Lance Corporal. In Iraq, our mission was route clearance, FOB (Forward Operating Base) improvements and construction. My job in Afghanistan in 2010 was much different. As a Corporal, I was in charge of a Security Squad to provide over-watch on our platoon as we breached into Marjah. We did bridging missions, route clearance, and security patrols. We also built COPs (Combat Out Posts) to control key insurgent areas and presented mission briefs and debriefs. As a Marine NCO, leadership and project management were the keys to success.

Google Adwords: Fundamentals and Advanced Search | Being: Accredited Professional Certificate
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