There are 2 common but different suspensions, one for Google Ads and the other for Google Merchant Center.

There are 3 different types of suspensions: policy violations, administration/billing, banned. Suspensions can be tempory or perminate; however when you are perminately suspended that typically means you have done something errigous or broken the law and have now been banned. Most companies face temporary suspensions that can be lifted if handled correctly.

Most suspensions occur by mistake of the business owner, webmaster or the marketing team.

I have seen many companies make matters worse when they try to handle themselves without the proper training. Google also makes it very difficult as they will not communicate with your team and help you resolve. Many times Googlers are instructed not to communicate with the employees of a suspended business and will ignore your emails and calls.

When your company is suspended and it gets to the point where Google will not respond, you must work with a Google Certified Partner to resolve the suspensions.